Visual Overview of 2171 Experiment

For complete protocol details, see Gladstone & Su, 2011.

Step 1:  Set up a population cage for breeding.

Population cages

Step 2:  Collect embryos.  Left:  collection of embryos from grape juice/agar plate. Right: Drosophila embryos.

IMG_8768 IMG_8758

Step 3:  Culture embryos until they become third instar larvae. Left: collection of larvae from culture bottles.  Middle: selection of third instar larvae.  Right:  third instar larvae ready for irradiation and drug treatment.

IMG_8845 IMG_8857 IMG_8855

Step 4:  Irradiate and treat with individual compounds.  Left: distribution of irradiated larvae into drug vials.  Right:  three students’ vials each containing irradiated larvae and a single drug mixed into the food.

IMG_8863 FullSizeRender

Step 5:  Using fluorescence microscopy, identify GFP in developing pupae to determine genotype.


Step 6:  Quantify survival and identify hits.